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Bespoke Crafters

 Honouring our Scandinavian inspirations, we took our name from the danish translation for "Tree".  Our goal is to create dream renovations and home projects with a minimal, architectural and modern flare.

Our Process

Træ Joinery is the perfect mix of tradition and modern sensibility.


With a background in bespoke furniture making and custom-fit installations, Træ Joinery is a family-owned business that is taking a new direction with minimal sensibility. We offer a range of services, from bespoke designs to complete home transformations. With our expertise and eye for detail, we can bring to life any vision you may have.


Let us be the ones to bring your dream home to life.

Our Roots in Bespoke Furnishing

Our background is in creating unique and custom-fit installations. With years of experience - we know what we're doing.

TRAE. Dumbrae - Oct21 -1.jpeg

The Finishing

We like to ensure our builds are made for the long-game. Designing with integrity and longevity in mind.

Balgreen-Kitchen- Trae Joinery - 010.jpeg
Create your dream home.
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